High Impact Presentations Achievable through Skillful Training

Presentation and public speaking have since time immemorial been a challenge to most people. A lot of research has also been done on this particular subject in an effort to make people better presenters. There are basic concepts that are important in presentation such as confidence, proper preparation, good dressing, knowing your audience and creating good interaction. Apart from these, much more is needed to create a good and high impact presentation. Taking a presentation skills course imparts these additional skills for an effective presentation.

Communication barriers in presentation

Several attributes can lead to a poor presentation and low impact on the audience. They are however correctable and easy to adopt. These are:

  • Lacking enthusiasm- The best way to show this element is through facial expression as you move on with the discussion. It is crucial to be self-aware of the expressions you are displaying when making a speech as they represent the unspoken language. It is also important to practice these facial expressions to gain good mastery.


  • Avoid distracting gestures- these are actions like fidgeting with items such as pen, ring, and others. Making a presentation and having too many gestures may cause distractions and shows lack of confidence. One clever way to avoid this problem is to apply these gestures to create emphasis. Repetitive gestures must, however, be avoided at all times.


  • Focus- Accurate delivery of the content is very important in a presentation. Too much divergence may lead to misinterpretation of the meaning of the content. It is always important to have the objective at the fore of the discussion. Putting thought into additional words, helps retain focus in the discussion.


  • Powerpoint-  It should only be used as a support and not the presentation itself. Slides should be more figurative rather than wordy. These pictures must then support the message that you deliver.


  • Usage of filler words must be avoided at all times- They portray a presenter who cannot articulate their position effectively and thus not convincing to the audience. One excellent way to remove these fillers in the speech is to pause and think on what to say next.


  • Eye contact- it must be maintained throughout the presentation. A most effective way to do this is to look at one person for a whole sentence/thought and expression before moving on to next idea.


Pauses: Are They Effective?

Use of pauses is an effective way to deliver your ideas persuasively. It is important for audiences not to recognize these pauses. They help subdivide the content to smaller and more understandable segments thus adding to the effectiveness of the speech. Wrong use of pauses leads to low credibility to the presentation and poor comprehension of the contents.

The total effectiveness of a presentation requires incorporating these points together and applying each one appropriately. Getting a professional presentation skills course helps you in this process of becoming an effective presenter.

The presentation skills course offered by “New Horizons Training” in Australia comprehensively covers all-important facts for a good presentation and ensures you reach the proficiency point at the end of the course.